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“How Many Fools Can I Kill Today?”

October 30, 2012

I woke up this morning to find this in my mailbox. File this under the “Reasons I Love YouTube”.

Anyway, AC3 is probably Game of the Year, or at least it will be on some people’s lists. Here is the Meta-Critic link to help you find your favorite reviewer, and here is the PAR review.

Ubisoft has placed much faith in the players, and their attention span. Some of the best moments in the game take place when two characters talk to each other, and since they’re discussing famous historical figures and well-known events in American history as they happen, those conversations are fascinating. This isn’t a game that cheerleads its way through American history, and many hard questions are asked about the early days of the United States and our relationship with the British. Hearing a character go into a long, passionate monologue about the failings of George Washington as a military leader and a man is something that you don’t often see in a game with this sort of budget and pedigree, and those moments are amazing.

Hit the jump for the Launch Trailer.

  1. October 30, 2012 2:14 pm

    In Hindsight, I should have named this post: How Many Fools Can I Kill Today? Very high production values, and highly entertaining.

    By the way, and very OT, looks like Gearbox is pouring some love on Nintendo by providing different A:CM features for WiiU owners. Sounds very cool, but there is no way I am buying a WiiU for it.

  2. FrenkoFrenik permalink
    October 31, 2012 8:55 am

    I am looking forward to the Co-op. I might rent it first because I don’t know if it will be a justified purchase after Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 is released.

  3. October 31, 2012 7:41 pm

    Seth has been playing this non-stop since yesterday

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