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Getting The Most Out Of Borderlands 2

October 3, 2012

I finally had an hour to play some more with 3GN last night. I used the same character that I had used with Zos and Blank on the weekend, which was the same that I had used with 3GN from the start. What this meant was that I would be replaying a whole section of the game. In most cases, that would be a big “NOoooo!”, but in this case, it was great. In fact, knowing in advance that I was going to be up against some nasty metal beasts, I made sure that I was rockin’ a corrosive ammo gun. The result was astonishing. It is a no brainer, but seriously, you really need to match the elemental damage type with the enemies you are confronting. The fun is in making each pull of the trigger spawn a fountain of numbers – that only happens if you are rockin’ the right gun: shock for shields, fire for flesh, and corrosion for metal. It isn’t nearly so much about the stats of the gun, as it is the type of ammo you be shootin’.

Also, I haven’t confirmed how often this is possible, but make copies of your saves, especially if you have a game that you want to play through just with a certain group. That way you will always have a character that you want to play at a level that will match other people you might get to play with. The saves require almost no memory and can easily be put on the built-in memory, or on a small flash drive. As an aside, Gearbox made it so that friends who join in a game with lower level characters will eventually catch up. I applaud them for this “rubberbanding” decision. With copies of game saves, I won’t need it as much, but I think it is still good game design.

Here are two wiki sites for lots of details.

  1. October 3, 2012 6:43 pm

    I think you can just change your save destination to the hard drive, usb drive or even the cloud drive, that way you don’t have to continually make copies of everything all the time. I would still make copies once in a while, as with all RPG games especially prior to patches, there might be something that erases everything. It happened when they released the Moxxi DLC on Borderlands 1.

    but yeah I still think Dead Island’s fix to this common problem. It auto-levels the enemies to your character. So regardless if you are too High or too low in character rank compared to your peers, the enemies will always be at your level.

    The multiple saves work for a while, until you get deep into the game and it’s hard to go back and re-do a different character, or when you do it multiple times. I did that with one, ended up with two level 50s, a level 69, and a 43. That’s why I can’t get into Borderlands 2, once you log in 100+ hours and multiple characters, it’s very tedious. You guys are lucky that you skipped 1 or played it minimally. Don’t overkill it, play it once or twice otherwise the game loses it’s flavor.

  2. October 19, 2012 11:26 am

    Hey friends! Long time no speaky… if you’re still playin Borderlands 2 we should play together! Sarah The Rebel is my gamertag ❤

  3. October 19, 2012 3:05 pm

    Hi Sarah!

    Friend request sent! 😀

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