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About That Valve

September 5, 2012

In a chance weekday meeting, a bunch of us were having a collective geek-stroke at the thought of Valve actually creating a “Steambox”. The net is rife with various rumors on the topic of Valve “jumping” into the hardware business. I declared that I would be “all over that shit”, simultaneously flipping the bird to Microsoft and their pay-to-play-MP XBL Gold Memberships. However, The Blankman quickly pointed out that Valve, under Gabe’s “Leadership”, would most likely be implementing their own subscription fee…as who can turn down money.

Today, Valve announced that they are going to to charge developers $100 to have their game posted on the Greenlight promotion-by-community service. Here is the cool catch though. All proceeds go to the sick, little children in the hospital.

Valve’s need to charge that fee is defensible, but rather than just keeping the cash, they are donating it to Child’s Play. Can you imagine Microsoft turning down on opportunity to make a little cash? Me, neither. Microsoft does donate to Child’s Play, but they never mix business with pleasure, so to speak. Anyway, I am hoping that this is evidence that Valve might just let console gamers use their Steam matchmaking services for free, should they ever get into the console business. At the very least, in this specific case, it shows that Valve has the presence of mind to know when to go for the long rather than the short con. At the very least, it is a brilliant PR move.

So, what do I know about Valve? They are always late. They love games. They don’t care about their console game customers. They are innovative in the software delivery sector. They make money coming and going, and as long as people continue to buy on Steam, overhead and all their dream R&D costs are covered. Their offices are beautiful. Zos wants to “work” for them. 😉

UPDATE:  The Penny Arcade Report chimes in on the practical outcome of the $100 fee.

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  1. September 11, 2012 7:34 pm

    This was put up in response to all the garbage flooding Greenlight. The porn game was the nail in the coffin that prompted this move.

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