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Viva State of Decay

August 27, 2012


Hit the jump for a detailed analysis of what you are seeing there.  I will continue to post as Undead Labs unveils.

[UPDATE] The video is a minute long but only 47 seconds of gameplay.

Part 1:

The video starts and already we get a glimpse of the gardening gameplay, along with some soothing guitar music. A woman facing the screen, wearing a brown leather jacket, olive green cargo pants, a tan military style cap, and a backpack appears to be standing near this place seen in this picture:

In the video there is no garden behind her…yet.

On the screen I see a few things that already catch my eye. What looks to be a small sheet of rectangular paper(landscape view) in the upper left hand corner of the screen with some symbols on it. In the upper left hand corner of this sheet, is a house looking symbol. Beside the house, to the right, is the word “Morale”. Under the word “Morale” is a blue bar which has to be the morale level bar. Under each of those are symbols with numbers by each. We can probably assume these are the characters skills and their level. They are, from left to right then next row:

First Row: (FOOD)Fork and Knife crisscrossed making an “X” with 0 next to it. (MEDICAL)A “+” symbol with the number 4. (AMMO)Last on the row is a symbol of 3 bullets which have the number 3.

Second Row: (CARRY or GATHERING)Looks like a triangle made up of 6 dots with the number 25 next to it. (STORAGE)A barrel possibly, with the number 0. (SECURITY)And a circle with a star in the middle and the number 0.

At the bottom left hand corner we have the item we’ve all seen in the “Spy Cam” footage, the mini map! In the circle the character is represented by an arrow pointing in the direction they are facing. On the mini map behind this character is a green house symbol, which to me that means a house/building you have made your base. Hugging the left side of the circle I see a blue bar. I can only assume this is the stamina/energy bar. Hugging the right side of the circle is a red bar, more than likely health.

While she stands there off to the left of the screen with nothing in hand and a small tab pops out under the “Morale” sheet with the words “Building a Garden”. Instantly this character has a book/journal pop into her right hand and a menu has opened up on the empty right side of the screen. This has so much to look at it’s crazy good! Just WOW! I’m gonna try to describe this as best I can, so PLEASE bear with me.

This book/journal is the menu. What I mean by that is that you are seeing the left side of this book as the menu. With the book you see 2 buttons up and to the left of it. The top one reads “Details” and has the green A button next to it. The bottom one reads “Close” and has the red B button next to it. Here’s where there’s a flood of info. This one page of the journal has a tab with the word “People” on it. I will try to do this in the order that it is laid out:

Top half of the Page :

From left to right: LB symbol, a circle and waist high shape with arms resembling a person, a five point solid star, a book that’s partial open, what looks like a crate or box, the same symbol of the house we seen on the “Morale” sheet, then the RB button.

Under that a group of 9 blocks with people’s faces show. The first block shows a face pic of the character being used at that moment. Right under the character chosen is a 360 controller….I have no idea why that’s there. Next to that character photo, in 2 rows stacked, are the faces of the players you have rescued, with 4 characters in each row and a slide bar next to the last players for scrolling through the characters.

The next thing under the photos is the chosen characters name “Sarah Jordan” on the left and under the last 2 characters is a pink heart with the number 85 next to it and next to that is a blue lighting bolt with the number 94 next to it.

Under the characters name is a lime green symbol with block people on it and the word “Friend” next to it. On the right side under the heart and bolt, each has a bar that has a speck of pink in one and a speck of blue in the other. I’m not too sure what these bars are for.

All that info and it’s just the top half of the page in the journal!

By Capt. C. Baker from the official forums, more here.

  1. August 28, 2012 8:52 am

    Now, did you say this is supposed to be an MMO-type game? Or is this just open world ala Saints Row/GTA?

    • 3Suns permalink*
      August 28, 2012 3:58 pm

      Grymmie, this is the pre-cursor to an MMO. The XBLA game will let some or all of us play together (I think the servers will hold a hundred or so people). Then, the full game will hold thousands on a single server. They are using the Arcade game to get the gameplay down before they go full MMO.

      This garden video (that shows 7 or 8 different structures that can be built, including a workshop), as lame as it might seem at first, has me thinking this is just the “crack” we have been avoiding all these years by playing on the console, as opposed to the PC.

      It also has me wondering what kind of “subscription fee” beyond our XBL fees will be asked of us. Hmm….

    • August 28, 2012 7:50 pm

      Oh no, I actually thoroughly enjoyed the video. I was only worried that it would be like a single-player or up to 4-player coop game where it wouldn’t really have any significance to the game in a survivability sense. But if what you’re saying holds true – up to 100 player servers – then this is going to be fantastic. Being able to set up your own base and even add structures to said base is exactly what the “MMO Zombie Survival” genre needs.

      This game has definitely piqued my interest now.

  2. August 29, 2012 6:14 am

    You could have many, multiple “game modes”.

    Here is one possibility:

    Could you imagine playing a game like this where there are 100 people playing. Let’s say there are 10 clans with 10 players per clan. Each clan is responsible for it’s territory (nearby proximity to each other, but not TOO close). You can even kill other clan members, wipe out other clans, steal their stuff. BUT that may not be the wisest idea… Let’s say that like the Game Director in L4D, the Horde is launched against the entire region, periodically and with various amounts of undead. The weak clans get overrun. THEN, the Horde comes in mass for you. If the clans stick together, there is a better chance of wiping out the horde..

    At the end of each “round”, you see stats on how each clan did. Who survived, how much structural damage was done to their “fort / supplies.”

    What would be cool is if there was a definite beginning and end to each game. Let’s say the server starts once there are 90+ people. People are divided into 10 clans. As clans are wiped out, the stragglers can abandon their territories and try to join a remaining clan. The game ends when there is one clan left standing (IF there is one clan still standing, after the final onslaught…)

    The possibilities with a zombie survival game on a large server are endless.

    • 3Suns permalink*
      August 29, 2012 2:10 pm

      The possibilities are indeed endless. Though not an MMO, what is impressing me most about DayZ is the dilemmas that the players face amongst themselves – genuine trust issues/moral choices. It is outstanding.

      With SoD (XBLA), Undead Labs is working to ensure that the gameplay (that 30 seconds you play over and over again) is fun before they push that into an MMO setting, because everything else will take care of itself if the core game mechanics are solid.

  3. 3Suns permalink*
    August 30, 2012 8:19 pm

    I was wrong! SINGLE PLAYER ONLY

    Since we announced our co-op goals more than seventeen months ago, we’ve been working nonstop and sorting out what we can and can’t accomplish in Class3. It’s an ambitious game — certainly among the most ambitious XBLA titles ever created — and we had to prioritize our development resources. Since we plan to rapidly build a massively multiplayer online world around the Class3 design foundation, we decided to defer co-op play in Class3. Our hope is to add co-op play to Class3 during the development of Class4, but for now Class3 will be a single-player experience.

    We wanted to let you know what the deal was as soon as we knew. While we are extremely happy with the way the game has come together around our core design goals — strategic base building, slick combat, open-world sandbox, survival simulation — we’re of course disappointed we couldn’t get co-op play in for release, so we’ll understand if you are too. At the same time, we’re looking ahead to the future — a future we hope we’ll share on a massively multiplayer level.

    • August 31, 2012 7:19 am

      “Wha Wha Whaaaaaaaaa………”

      Just now they are letting us know that this is a SP game?


      That’s the sound of this game falling off my radar….

      “But Yes, I’ll be happy to try the demo. Now get back to work and make it Co-op!”

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