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August 17, 2012

With community interest in DayZ, the topic of the Microsoft Published MMO Zombie game beind developed by Undead Labs (previous coverage here) came up in party chat yesterday. Later, upon checking their official blog, I discovered that there have been several posts since I last visited their site. Editor’s note: “Class3” is the “code name” for the XBLA/PC game.

Who Do You Think You Are?

…By and large, it’s up to you whether or not you rescue other people, and it’s up to you to earn their trust, but the smart move is going to be building a strong community. Because there’s one thing that we can very nearly guarantee: You are going to die. “When someone is dead, that’s it.” … So you’ll be out there looking for food and fuel and ammo, but even more so, you’ll be looking for people. People you hope to be able to call friend. People who can help you grow a garden or build fortifications. People who are strong or know how to repair damaged firearms.

Friends Will Help You Survive the Wait

Do you have any friends in your town that might be interested in Class3? Recruit them to join your Survivor Cell. …A Cell should be at least three people in roughly the same physical location. One of you is the Cell Leader. That’s the person in charge of staying in touch with Undead Labs, and the one who will be in charge of sharing loot with the others. …Loot? If your Cell participates in challenges ranging from costume contests to scavenger hunts and more, you’ll get the goods from us. Loot might be anything. Undead Labs gear, exclusive video footage from the game, special access, stickers, wallpapers, and more.

Baby, You Can Drive This Car. And This Truck.

If you hit the zeds when you’re moving fast enough, they die. There are glancing blows, impact damage calculations, and more. You can even open your vehicle’s door while you’re moving and clean a zombie’s clock. …zombie blood, impacts do damage to vehicles. You can repair that damage, if you’ve upgraded your Home with a parking area and a Workshop. You’ll also need to have rescued another survivor with repair skills.

I am looking into creating a Survivor Cell and will get back to you with details. I have also added an RSS feed so that we will be alerted our front page of any new posts. (I have limited it to one item only because it is getting pretty full on the right side.)

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  1. August 17, 2012 7:38 am

    I am becoming more and more fascinated by these Zombie genre. The blend that Dayz offers is perfect (at the moment), but only the tip of the iceburg. My main reason for not buying the Dayz software is not so much the $30, but the learning curve for playing a mouse / keyboard game AND not have a community to play with. I’m afraid that if I buy it, I’ll never actually hook up with Grymm, Zoso and Joey (as I play with the Stranded on Xbox during weekends, And I go to bed too early during the week to get any good gaming in with our Dayz / Stranded guys).

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