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Moving From Mind To Brain

May 3, 2012

I finished reading Duhigg’s book on habits and am now almost finished reading Baumeister’s book on willpower. Both are excellent reads providing profound insights on how to live life.

It leads me to think that the field of educational psychology is now finally being supported and enlightened by “hard” evidence through reproducible, cross-discipline research, as opposed to analogical, traditional, and outright superstitious but “authoritative” writings on how the mind must work. In the literature, it is like the word brain is now replacing the word mind to follow the shift from cocaine-induced psychobable, to real insights on how our brain works and the implications that has on how we behave, or could behave.

Today, while reading an excellent article on understanding student behavior and discipline (a must-read ‘Frenik), I came across another book I intend to read, Brain Rules, by molecular biologist, John Medina. I post about it now because most of the content is available on the author’s website, and may be more than enough for those who have any interest in the topic. As with all research and opinion, it is our responsibility to consume critically. Common sense and experience, (and various mid-life challenges) however, tell me that Mr. Medina’s ideas merit further exploration. Cheers!


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