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Mass Effect 3 DLC Incoming

April 6, 2012

No, that’s not the huge news about ME3, rather the huge news is it’s going to be free. That’s right, EA is releasing the Resurgence Pack DLC on Tuesday, April 10th, for FREE! No, Hell has not frozen over, and I really don’t think that EA is trying to pay it forward in efforts to form goodwill with the detractors. I suspect that there are two major reasons why EA has decided to make the Resurgence Pack DLC (two MP maps, five new playable characters, and new weapons & equipment) for gratis. The first being a way to placate the vocal minority that have filed complaints about the ending, and the second being that EA is making hand over fist over their “free-to-play” model. Let me explain what I mean by the “f-t-p” model for those that haven’t had the chance to play the commercial version of the MP mode yet. After each MP game, you & your team are awarded XP and credits. The credits are used to unlock different stages of packs which contain random weapons, equipment, and characters. You can either grind for these random goodies or you can opt to purchase the packs using MS points (real $). EA has been experimenting with this business model (microtransactions on consoles) for a few of their most successful MP games such as FIFA 12, NHL 12, & ME3. I suspect that they are experiencing a lot of success with this. What might be perceived as a move of generosity, really isn’t. It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing more like it. Hit the jump for more info on what will be coming next Tuesday. CHARACTERS

  • Asari Justicar Adept: Asari are fierce, graceful warriors. They are incredibly powerful natural biotics. The asari excel at hit-and-run tactics that ruthlessly eliminate their opponents from the battlefield.
  • Krogan Battlemaster Vanguard: Krogan Vanguards are a brutish specimen. These fully mature krogan might be old and slow, but their biotic charge ability makes up for it. Their heavy shields and ability in close makes them a menace on the battlefield.
  • Geth Infiltrator: Geth Infiltrators converge quickly on a target while remaining undetected. Their unique perception systems give Geth Infiltrators an unsurpassed understanding of the battlefield.
  • Geth Engineer: Geth Engineers are elite support specialists. Their unique perception systems give Geth Engineers an unsurpassed understanding of the battlefield.
  • Batarian Soldier & Sentinel: Batarians are large brawlers that use nets and spiked weapons to capture targets… or to bleed them dry on the battlefield. If an opponent gets too close, a Batarian bludgeons them with spiked armor and enforcement gauntlets.

  • Firebase Condor– A warzone outpost located on one of Palaven’s moons, Firebase Condor represents a crucial asset in the defense of the Turian homeworld, providing the beleaguered Turian fleet with a place to refuel and repair. Its loss could grant the Reapers unparalleled access to the Inner Council Theater. You will actually see the galactic war happen all around you such as Turian fighter ships taking off, and Reapers battling in the background and in the distance while Palaven is burning.
  • Firebase Hydra– Firebase Hydra is located in an old abandoned Quarian colony which humans took over when they originally settled the world of Ontarom. It has since been converted into a massive dam facility which powers the communications hub located at Firebase Dagger and the kinetic barrier which protects it. Without this critical power source, Systems Alliance communications within the entire theater would go dark.


  • Striker Assault Rifle– Krogan rifle with explosive rounds. Its rate of fire increases when the trigger is held.
  • Kishock Harpoon Gun– Deadly one-shot Batarian weapon. Causes bleed-out or disruption of target.
  • Geth Plasma SMG– Fully-automatic Geth submachine gun. Its rate of fire increases when the trigger is held.
  • Strength Enhancer- Applies a melee damage boost for one mission.
  • Targeting VI- Applies a headshot damage bonus for one mission.
  • Shield Power Cell- Stabilizes weapons while firing aof moving for one mission.
  • Stabilization Module- Shortens the length of time shields take to begin recharging for one mission.

*Credit goes to Bioware’s official Mass Effect blog

  1. 3Suns permalink*
    April 6, 2012 5:43 pm

    Tim is almost finished ME2 on Insane. He and Cornie have been going crazy over it this past week, and cash flow is the only thing keeping ME3 out of our house right now.

    I love free-to-play, btw. It just requires some self-control.

    • Blankman permalink*
      April 6, 2012 7:54 pm

      Wow, Tim’s almost finished with his play through on Insane difficulty? That is dedication! I didn’t want to go through the controller-throwing moments with that setting! LOL

  2. April 7, 2012 11:03 am

    I stopped playing ME because of going on Insane on ME 1, which to me is harder because the control scheme is not as smooth. My son picked up ME 3 and I showed him this post and he can’t wait. I haven’t played it yet, I am waiting for MW3 to die down for me, so I can get back to finishing ME 1, and creating a character to carry over to ME 2 and then ME 3.

    The BF3 update to rent servers is brilliant and just what the game needs. Halo: Reach has some huge jackpots in the arena this weekend, and MW3 keeps getting more people over the DLC content, at this point it seems silly to even have a DLC playlists since you can enter any playlist and find a game right away with the DLC in the rotation.

  3. 3Suns permalink*
    April 8, 2012 5:53 am

    I went ahead and bought ME3 from It was on sale for 36 bucks plus negligible shipping, so I will have my parents bring it with them when they come this summer. There is no way that PlayAsia is going to have it cheaper than that for at least another year or so, and same goes for Amazon Japan.

    The rent-a-server for BF3 is indeed brilliant, and it is a turning point in console offerings. Everyone says that gaming on the PC is free, and so they balk at the rental fees for the console servers. However, that is a half-truth. Yes, there are lots of servers up that you can play on for free, but in the end, someone is putting out huge dollars (more than the fees EA is charging) to keep those things going. One can play for free to be sure, but someone is paying for it.

    It is possible that I might rent a server for one month this summer so that part of the time I can make it private, set it to helicopters, and learn how to fly those crazy machines. The rest of the time, it can be set up to offer a playlist of all our favorite maps matched with our favorite gametypes.

    What EA/DICE should start doing is offering several specialized servers of just one map, one gametype 24/7. There are a few of the TDM maps that I could play for hours, and it is always disappointing when the round finishes and the map/gametype rotates.

    • Blankman permalink*
      April 8, 2012 11:57 pm

      Awesome news about grabbing ME3 at that price! I can’t wait for you & the boys to grab some MP with me. It’s so addicting that I’ve put off Gears 3 for the time being despite the Forces of Nature DLC! That’s saying a lot!

      I must give BF3 another shot now that the new update is out. This FoD was uneventful because there was hardly anyone around due to the Easter weekend & your assistant coach obligation. I’ll throw BF3 in the disc tray for this week’s FoD for sure. 🙂

    • 3Suns permalink*
      April 9, 2012 4:03 pm

      Kenny, the update was a bust. They “broke” the suppression. However, with a DAO shotgun, a health pack at your feet, and some paddles, you can have some serious fun! The one thing that they changed that I really like, is revives erase deaths in TDM. So, the Assault with his defibs is a lot of fun, and hugely helpful to the team.

      As for ME3, I may have the folks ship it early, then. Check out Tim’s achievements! 😉


      Played some Monday Night BF3 with Cornie and here are the results from three of the five games.

      I like the DAO because it isn’t unfair. You cannot kill from across the map like you can with some of the other shotguns. It has a fast reload and a deadly wide spray for close encounters [sic], but out in the open, you will get owned – so it is fair. Lots of fun! The DAO should be unlocked for you, Kenny.

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