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Battlefield Update Info

March 29, 2012

DICE has just posted some info on the balancing tweaks for the imminent BF3 title update (release date still unannounced).

Beep beep! We have horns!
Yes! We have added horns to all jeeps in the game! Nothing says “Get in and man the machine gun so we can take back the airfield!” like three short beeps of the horn. Just press [SPACE] to make your presence known to friendly forces. Warning: Beeping also heard by opposition. Suggest limiting beeping when in enemy territory to keep vehicle in working order. This feature is also present in the PlayStation 3 update that went live yesterday (activated by L1).

Giving all players IR flares
To balance the battlefield and give budding pilots a fighting chance from day 1, we are now giving IR flares to all players. These will be automatically available to you in all air vehicles in the game. So if you’ve had a hard time staying up in the air previously, it should be easier to dodge incoming threats from now on. We hope this small but significant change will mean more players take to the skies and mix up their play style. This feature is also present in the PlayStation 3 update that went live yesterday.

More awards for skillful heli flying
One of the balancing items we have done in this game update is to better reward skillful heli pilots. To do this, we have increased the pilot’s score for transporting passengers who make kills from the heli. The assist score for heli pilots is now 50 points/kill. In a fully loaded transport, four passengers who make 1 kill each will give the pilot a sum total of 200 points. This balancing change is also present in the PlayStation 3 update that went live yesterday.

Making the SOFLAM a passive income gadget
The Recon gadget SOFLAM (laser target painter) has been given a new feature. Now, when a Recon player places it and then leaves it, it will continue to paint targets entering its area of control, continuously giving the Recon player a passive points income. This means a Recon player can place a SOFLAM in a strategic position, then leave it to find a good sniping spot. Combined with fixing a few scoring error in the SOFLAM, it should now be a much more viable source of experience points for Recons. This balancing change is also present in the PlayStation 3 update that went live yesterday.

Suppressing is team play, too!
Another balancing change that reflects how we want every player to be able to contribute to the overall effort is the lowered threshold for achieving the Suppression Ribbon. From a previous requirement of 7, players now only need to perform 3 suppressions in a game to be rewarded the Suppression Ribbon. This means the Support Kit player can rack up scores by skillful use of his LMG. We’ve always know suppression helps – now we are more generously rewarding those team players who help disorient the enemy so we can move in for the kill. This balancing change is also present in the PlayStation 3 update that went live yesterday.

Via Official Blog.

There are many more changes detailed here.

  1. March 30, 2012 5:41 pm

    Awesome updates. A new maps are just around the corner.

    Suns thanks for the new posts. Crazy busy last two weeks. Full time at Chrysler HQ. It’s my new “home”.

    Games tonight and all night! Be there or be square (Steph and Zoso)! We’ve got new Gears maps to roam. And Battlefields to Rule!

  2. April 1, 2012 9:55 am

    Dig the new patch so far. Suppression is waaaay overdone. Otherwise, like it. Trying to figure out the best weapons!

    • RoBBins permalink*
      April 1, 2012 12:47 pm

      I have 2 beta codes for Ghost Recon Future Solider on PC if you and a friend want them, Ty. Let me know!

  3. 3Suns permalink*
    April 3, 2012 4:54 pm

    The 360 update is live and the boys and I played on it last night.

    There is some seriously wack shit going on in there! Suppression, as Ty mentioned, is WAY overdone. It was perfect before the patch, though changing the ribbon requirements from 7 to 4 suppressions in a round would have been (is) very welcome. As it is now, however, it is almost an advantage to miss first, then hit ’em hard. The boys and I were laughing hysterically as we were running around. Johann was actually getting less kills because he was not getting any suppression effect as he always hits the dudes first. Instead, they would miss and suppress him, and then he wouldn’t be able to finish them off! LMAO!

    That isn’t the wackiest of it though. They have increased the speed of the game: every element from running to arming and disarming. Everything is faster. Literally, you can run away from tanks now, and each step you take covers like 3 meters. I suspect it is only a 15-20% increase, but it feels like everything is much much faster. Also, there is some broken code in there as, until you join a game, the Download Rental Server notification never stops popping up! We had to turn notifications off! So, expect that to be patched immediately, and hopefully, DICE will also put suppression and game speed back where it was.


    The outcry is going to be ridiculous!

    • Herandar permalink
      April 4, 2012 10:18 am

      Ah, so that’s why I wasn’t dying as fast. I got mad suppression skills. I guess I’m more valuable now.

      I’m not certain that I like the new balance. Helicopters are still overpowered, but having a third person in the tank and guided shells really helps with that. But the tanks seemed to me to be a lot more vulnerable to infantry, and I did not think that that was imbalanced before.

      The vibe I get from DICE and the way they phrase stuff is that they try too hard to please the most vocal complainers, regardless of the merit of their complaints.

      The one nice thing is the new variety of servers. We ended up on a combined Conquest AND Rush server last night. Weird. They are going to be getting a lot of money off the console server rentals. Well, someone is. I’m not sure who.

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