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The Penny Arcade Report

February 20, 2012

Ben Kuchera’s move to the Dark Side or Light Side, depending on whether you favor Sith Lords or Jedi Knights, is complete. The Penny Arcade Report just went live and he started it off with a massive interview with Gabe “cookin’ something special for ya” Newell, and five other articles. WOOT! I am ridiculously happy right now.

P.S. I won’t be highlighting each edition, but I have made a handy direct link over there on the right. Just click away whenever you feel like some original reporting.

UPDATE: I need to mention “The Cut”. This is a feature of The Penny Arcade Report that will highlight exceptional games journalism across the web. They will be providing the name of the author, a brief description, and a link to his/her article. Judging by the first batch of links, I think it is fair to say that this alone will keep good food on the plates of many game enthusiasts.


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