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SoTW: Don’t Tell Me

February 2, 2012

The Superbowl is just 3 days away.  I think being far away both in space and timezones (the SB is always on a working Monday morning here in Japan), this biggest game of the year has become more important to me than it was when I lived in North America.  Sure, we held the occasional Superbowl party, if it was convenient and we remembered that it was “this weekend”.  Otherwise, my friends and I might just as easily have been found in the theater catching a Sunday afternoon matinee.  Now, however, the Superbowl has become a taste of “home”.

Anyway, this year Madonna is going to be putting on the half-time show, which is the reason, along with the high budget commercials, that a considerable share of the viewers will watch at all.  I have never been a fan of her work, and I don’t own any of her music.  I do, however, enjoy one of her songs: Don’t Tell Me.  I am strangely hopeful (as if I should really care at all) that she will perform this one come Sunday.  Being in Indianapolis, it certainly is thematically appropriate.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, I am lucky.  This year I want both teams to win.  The only way I will be disappointed is if by fluke or fumbles, it becomes very one-sided.


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