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January 28, 2012

This is an old video, from E3 2011. However, with all the other goodies out there this year, I never even noticed this one. Maybe some of you didn’t either.

Normally, I steer clear of cinematic trailers for reasons I explained in yesterday’s A:CM post. Still, if a publisher is going to use a cinematic to promote their game, the initial unveiling of a new IP is the best time to do it. It tells the customer, “This is our vision. We don’t have the hardware or software to realize that vision, but this is what we are shooting for anyway.” Two years later, when the developer finally has an alpha build, they can re-announce the game with some actual gameplay footage, pleasing the followers without creating unreasonable expectations.

There is another reason I am highlighting this video now. Insomniac, creators of the Resistance games, have gone platform agnostic. Xbox gamers will have a chance to try their fare this time around.

As for the trailer itself, I think the art direction and humor are enjoyable, and the narrative/gameplay are more than just a little reminiscent of Brute Force, for better or worse.


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