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A:CM Cinematic Trailer

January 27, 2012


In the action trailer that Gearbox released last August, they showed that the alien “blood” doesn’t have damaging power. And how do they start out this cinematic?! With acid blood dissolving the floor. If they made that change, then this game just came back on my radar. If not, GTFO. If they want to make a generic space marine movie, use a different IP. If you wanna make an Aliens game, then at least respect some of the fundamental canon.

Also, the last time I saw a cinematic trailer, it was for Brink. This is the kind of thing developers put out when they know they are screwed, when they know they effed up badly. Cinematics create unreasonable expectations, and they lie about gameplay. As many as 11 years ago, even sloth-like, behemoth Microsoft understood that. “Show only gameplay footage” was their policy for game when launching the Xbox.

Via EvAv.

Update: After the jump, I have embedded the 11 minute walk-through video that demonstrates Gearbox is just ignoring that key characteristic of the Alien. I was so upset at the time, I didn’t even write a post for the extensive clip.


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