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Title Managed Storage

August 9, 2010

Say goodbye to waiting 6 months for critical Title Updates that address game balance issues like active-reload sniper down.  Title Managed Storage is basically the place/file in which developers place their “update” that we download every time we change games.  One developer has finally figured out that this can be used for more than just providing a weekend of 20x experience points (cough Epic cough), but can actually be used for critical tweaks like weapon balancing and almost any other in-game variables.  DUH!  I sure hope now that someone finally figured out the potential of the title managed storage, that all the developers start planning its extensive use into their creative process.  

From Penny Arcade:

Microsoft has storage space on the LIVE servers that allow for what they call ‘Title Managed Storage’, or TMS. TMS is just a place where you can put any file you want up there. So what we did is put a text file with all of our balance numbers up there and when the game starts up it overwrites the balance numbers with any numbers it pulled down off of TMS. Unfortunately, late in the process we found a bug that made about 80% of the numbers not work and were unable to fix it. But that other 20% is total fair game. Which enables us to do things like double earnings nights, extra bacon nights and a few game play balance tweaks. When we found the bug, part of our second certification patch contained some global knobs to tune the power of various things “on the fly.” For example, if I found that Snipers earn juice way to fast, which is actually a concern of mine, I can make the change to the over all speed in which Snipers earn juice, upload it to TMS and the next time everyone boots the game, they’ll get the new number…”   John Comes – Uber Entertainment, on  Monday Night Combat

And while you are at it, check out Joystiq’s review of Mr. Comes new game.  I am ready to buy this game, but will try to wait until it comes down from 1200 to 800 points.  Check here for more coverage on the game.  (they had me at “class based” and “strategy” lol)

  1. Blankman permalink*
    August 9, 2010 11:29 pm

    Monday Night Combat is apparently being raved like it’s the “Bee’s knees”. $15 USD is a bit steep for an XBL game even if it’s critically-acclaimed. I, too, will wait until a price drop promo like MS normally has several months after launch.

    I think that MS had this all along. It’s just a fact that someone finally figured it out or has utilized it further than just bumping up XP. The scenario is most likely attributed to MS not publicizing this to their developer partners because they want some QA hold on updates/patches. The more developers think that they need MS, the better it is for MS to control their profit margins on games. #1) MS doesn’t want anything given away for free (avatar items, thems & pics, DLC, etc.); #2) the MS certification process (another way to hold onto the reins). Now that someone’s figured this out, the cat’s out of the bag. Wait for the MS cockblock to come.

  2. August 10, 2010 4:16 am

    Saw this on penny Arcade earlier today. It is a great idea I just don’t know if developers will take advantage of it. I hope so. Ps the latest comic was hilarious as usual.

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