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Let's Game!

Omar: I'll do what I can to help y'all. But, the game's out there, and it's play or get played. That simple.

Dennis 'Cutty' Wise: The game done changed...
Slim Charles: Game's the same, just got more fierce.

The FOD Scheduler, Timezones, and Live Status

Blizzard Overwatch Art Concept Panel

April 24, 2015

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Overwatch Art Concept Panel Video.

If you like concept art for games, and/or if you are a fan of any of Blizzard’s games (WoW, Starcraft, Diablo etc.) I think you will find this fascinating. References to Blizzard’s previous games are peppered throughout the discussion, all of which go over my head, yet I still found the video intensely interesting. One hilarious moment is when these guys mention that they are “embarrassed” to be wearing the promotional swag for the game. I’m like, “Dude, then let’s trade. I’ll take that ish off your hands for you. You can have my bo-stained Halo rags.”

In game development, these are the big boys. They laugh at Pixar’s “success”. One imagines them getting other developers to prostrate themselves in a puddle so that they can walk across on their dry backs. Valve is their little shortbus brother.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Official – Inside Rainbow #1 – British Counter Terrorist Unit [US]

April 23, 2015

Ubisoft will almost certainly be releasing The Division in 2016 or later, not in 2015. So this autumn it is all about RS:S.

I have some major concerns about the title, or at least, our having fun playing it. I am going to continue posting updates on the game but don’t mistake that for “hype”. I am simply interested in following the progress of development, not promoting this among our community. My intention is to hold off buying it until everyone else has, and has continued playing it for several weeks, and still wants to play it. I am not naturally talented in this genre, and unless the crew loves it and needs a 5th wheel desperately, this one won’t last long for me. (How’s that for “hype”? More like anti-hype. LOL) I love the “idea” of the game, but I’m concerned about the fun this slow-to-respond, fumble-with-controls counter-terrorist might have.

Star Wars Battlefront Official Trailer

April 17, 2015

Watching Daredevil late into the night (still not finished), I tried to stay up for the official unveil. Didn’t make it. Thankfully, Zos stepped in with the link, now embedded above. Enjoy!

Editor’s note: One thing is for certain, DICE/EA didn’t put the same resources on Hardline as they did on Battlefront. LOL

Update: Engadget has an “Interview/Preview” that is helpful in understanding what the game is about.

Update2: Official site with gameplay info here, and coverage by Game Informer here.

Gigantic: Community Work

April 16, 2015

Herandar was first to point at the beautiful art design of this game. Yesterday, while aimlessly checking my reddit stops I came across the above interview that further reinforced this view. EDIT: I have swapped out the video for the PAX Prime 2014 which I hadn’t watched previously but from which all the footage was taken. Forget what the guy is saying, just play the video in the background with the volume off. The narration is now Motiga themselves and they describe the game – useful info.  LOL

Next, check out the fan created Hero Builder that allows gamers to experiment with the talent/skill trees for each playable “hero” in the game. It is quite impressive and demonstrates the community’s love for this game (and the developer’s support or at least non-interference). I may be remembering things wrong, but it seems to me that anything like that in the Gears days and Epic would have been all over our asses with the cease and desists. Anyway, if any of you are curious about the game or characters, take a peek at the Hero Builder. It provides a detailed outline of all the skills/talents/weapons etc. for the characters of the game.

For Gears Lovers: Netflix’s Daredevil

April 12, 2015

I would say it isn’t for the faint of heart, but I don’t think there are any faint of heart here. It is very visceral. Bowling has been forever changed for me. I have only watched the first two episodes but my worries of too much revenge pron are, at least temporarily, allayed.

And this request is legit. Netflix really needs to consider the publicity and good will they could buy with making that happen.

Hit the jump to see the Honest Trailers of (and hate on) Ben Affleck’s 2003 movie.
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This Second Renaissance

April 8, 2015

Today, I give you the monthly service of art supplies, from the people who brought us, or should I say “them” (those who draw) eatsleepdraw. For those who don’t have time to watch the video, here is a page with a bunch of ArtSnack Packs. Similarly, there is a bookstore in Japan that, based on the your responses to a questionnaire, will send you $100 dollars worth of books after you send them $100. I love that I live in this age where the only limitations to doing what you love and making money while you do it, is your imagination.

Better Call Saul: Marco

April 7, 2015

A Chicago Sunroof, soft serve. Bwahahahahahaha.

Did you notice the dented ashtray in the shot as he gets out of the elevator?

This was the best week of my life!

Yeah? Well, I know what stopped me and it’s never stoppin’ me again.

Smoke…on the water.

Better Call Saul. Television without training wheels.


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