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Let's Game!

Omar: I'll do what I can to help y'all. But, the game's out there, and it's play or get played. That simple.

Dennis 'Cutty' Wise: The game done changed...
Slim Charles: Game's the same, just got more fierce.

The FOD Scheduler, Timezones, and Live Status

It’s His Star Wars: Tie Fighter

March 24, 2015

Via GameInformer

“How Do We Let People Pay For Music?”

March 18, 2015

TED 2015 is going strong right now and in the process of checking out some of the new talks, I came across a cool one from 2013.  Amanda touches on the topics of communicating, trust, “begging”, and crowdfunding.  Good stuff.  As I come across more good ones, I will include them in the comments.

EDIT:  Wired discusses her success, legitimate and not-legitimate hating.

Joe Montana Football 16

March 16, 2015

I didn’t realize that there was a “first party publisher” loophole in the NFL video game licensing.  Well, there is, and according to an insider not bound by an NDA, Joe Montana Football 16 will be good.  Published by Microsoft, developed by 2K, exclusive to Xbox and Windows 10.  Go Spencer!  He is the new Moore.  Finally someone to trust and get behind.

-The graphics, animations and AI are all obscenely good and modern. It looks like a game that was built for this new generation, not just a port over from last generation with a ton of sloppy tweaks. The animations are easily the most crisp of any sports game ever made. Comparing the animations to Madden, it’s going make Madden look like a PS1 game by comparison. This is going to be embarrassing for EA Tiburon, like The Show Vs MLB 2K and NBA 2K vs NBA Live embarrassing.

- Expect Joe Montana NFL Football 16 out in Mid-late July.

My impressions is that this rumor-spreader is a plant.  Regardless, competition is always a good thing.

via r/games.

Skunk Works: Compact Fusion

March 16, 2015

Lockheed Martin’s R&D department, Skunk Works, has announced that they can almost certainly make it to a prototype for Compact Fusion within 5 years.  This is not some inventor in a garage or out in a field trying to sell moonshine to fuel our cars.  Skunk Works has a reputation of not even talking about their shit until they know they can back it up!

Only A Game

March 15, 2015

This isn’t about video games, this is about a radio show called Only A Game.    Bill Littlefield is the host of the show, and the website is a rabbit hole for anyone who likes any kind of sport.  I came across the site this morning and have been taken all over the world of sports for the past two hours.

For a taste, I will highlight two stories.  First, BMX Riders Find Winter Escape In Limestone Mine 100 Feet Underground, which is a story about the Mega Cavern, a 320,000 square feet indoor bike park, converted from an old limestone mine and rumored to store Warner Brother’s film reels of Gone With The Wind, among others.

For the second highlight, we learn that Bill Littlefield, host of Only A Game, is the editor of The Top of His Game: the Best Sportswriting of W. C. Heinz a  new compilation of W.C. Heinz’s greatest hits in literary sports journalism. W.C. Heinz, who also went by the name Bill, was considered the father of the long-form sports story.  Two of his more famous stories, The Death of A Race Horse and Brownsville Bum give you a sample of his literary style.  More about Mr. Heinz can be found here.

For The Fathers and Their Daughters

March 14, 2015

Live action Cinderella is getting fresh tomatoes. Of course, Quartz is here to make us sure that we know all the lessons being taught here. I wasn’t blessed with a daughter so I don’t know how I would have done raising one. I would imagine there is nothing more challenging that a man could do.

“Where there is kindness, there is goodness. And where there is goodness, there is magic.” Verily.

Kenneth Branagh directs.

MOBAs Coming To The One

March 12, 2015

I had to look up the meaning of MOBA the other day. Smite, Gigantic, and Battleborn (Gearbox) are all coming to the Xbox One and the first two will be “free-to-play”. If you want to get an early taste, you can sign up for the Smite Beta right now. All they want is an e-mail address. I don’t think that Smite will be the game that holds my attention because of its similarities to fantasy RPG games like Diablo. However, Gigantic almost certainly will. Since both Smite and Gigantic are going to be free-to-try, I will be downloading and testing them out as soon as they are available. I have gone ahead and made a page for these for quick reference. In the meantime, check out the gameplay vids embedded above and below.

EDIT: I just need to add that regardless of your interest in these games, bringing this genre to the consoles, especially to our console of choice, is a boon, and hopefully a sign of (more good) things to come.

More vids after the jump.
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