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Let's Game!

Omar: I'll do what I can to help y'all. But, the game's out there, and it's play or get played. That simple.

Dennis 'Cutty' Wise: The game done changed...
Slim Charles: Game's the same, just got more fierce.

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Seth’s new High School

September 2, 2015

Two years ago we (residents of Bloomfield) voted for a new high school.   This was a millage.  Meaning OUR (not the state’s) property taxes pay for this.

We had two high schools (Andover and Lahser), but both were shrinking in student population, and were getting old.   The costs to staff and maintain / repair / remodel two high schools was high.

So we made One (Bloomfield Hills High School) and we moved all the 10 – 12 graders to “old” Lahser High, and put the 9th graders in a previously closed middle school.

Seth 1st game win - Aug 26th 2015

There is where Seth was last year.

The abandoned school (Andover) was partly torn down, and partly used in this “new” Bloomfield Hills high school

This year, the new school is open!  First day of school is Tuesday.   It is an amazing building!    Can’t wait for “parents night” to get a chance to see it up close.

$80 million.   2 years construction.  317,000 square feet.    1700 students.     Best public school in the state (not only highest state test scores), but now the nicest school building I’ve ever seen.

Takes “learning environment” to a whole new level.    I’ve been told there’s going to be a Starbucks in the school….     I hope so.   How sweet would that be?!

The Bloomfield school system was the reason we moved here in 2010.  Now…   It’s paying off more than I expected.

New Bloomfield Hills High has fireplace, grand staircase

In Prep For Our Next FOD

September 1, 2015

I actually just unsubscribed to arCtiC’s channel the other day because it was full of that Destiny and Rocket Soccer BS ;) . Next thing I know, he’s pimpin’ a UE Gnasher tutorial over at Reddit. I’ll bite. What I want to highlight is that he almost never fires without aiming. Also, his timing. He waits for the shot taking risks that he might be literally beat to the punch. Finally, he keeps his distance most of the time (to avoid melees) and Dude’s got moves. Enjoy!

Update: His review and comments on the MP (including 2 piece and Gnasher consistency).

FOD: Our First With UE

August 28, 2015

Hey Guys! After seven years, we finally have a game in the Gears universe that works the way the original should have.  At least, almost.  There is undoubtedly, tweaking to be done: game chat (fixed already?), melee stun, and a few other things.  But even if those don’t get dealt with the way we hope, the game is very fun and the house rules can be kept to a minimum.

And that is what I want to talk about.  How can we maximize fun and minimize pain and frustration when playing together in private matches?

First, avoid trash talking and “playing with the dead”.  Even with genuine shenanigans, the nature of Gears makes it feel like you are getting the raw end of the deal sometimes.  It felt like the skirmish should have gone your way but it didn’t.  My I suggest that we keep the “Bullshit” and the “Did you see that garbage?!” to a minimum.  The fact is, people work hard to get their kill, and fair or unfair, the real bullshit is when someone says a kill was less than deserved.  It doesn’t mean we can’t talk about stuff, but perhaps we can at least wait until the next round starts and the person who got the kill doesn’t have to be insulted.  Personally,  this is a big one for me.  I don’t get a lot of kills, but as far as I am concerned, I earn every one, and maybe even a few that aren’t given to me.  Everyone has a VCR now.  Record garbage and post it in the FOD write up so that we can see it and laugh about it later, rather than be insulted while we play.  Please do not call other people’s kills garbage.

Similarly, let’s avoid playing the dead.  When a guy is down, can we agree that it is best if we use the quickest, most painless form of execution?  No “Infidel” spinning in the curb stomp, humping the head, etc. etc..  I am talking about our private matches here.  When things get crazy in the wild, that may be a different situation.  But for our private matches, let’s keep the executions swift and clean.

Second, is the “B” button broken?  I don’t use the melee, so for me, banning the melee will have no affect on my game.  The saw is an exception because the saw-er is, in effect, stunned while in animation and can be killed very easily – you pay for the show.  As far as I am concerned, the saw is completely fixed and offers fun, Gears-only comic relief.  (I almost never use it, but I often laugh while killed by it because it is my own fault.)  Back to the melee.  I wouldn’t mind it if there were no stun involved.  But rendering the melee-ee helpless, is a horrible, enraging game mechanic, and I personally wouldn’t mind at all if we put a moratoreum on the melee until The Coalition removes the stun.

Third, I would suggest that we make it a policy to never play the same teams against each other for more than 3 matches.  Rivalries soon become grudge fests if the same people are kept on the same teams for too long.  Also, if it is policy to switch things up, then no one has to feel badly that a certain combination didn’t work well.  We are not changing the teams because so-and-so played awful (or awful together), but because that is our rule.

Finally, I would suggest that we offer genuine compliments as often as we are capable.  Good effort and nice plays deserve praise.  Simple.

Anything else?  Please feel free to comment on this, and to add stuff throughout the weekend.

In the meantime, may all your gnasher rounds end in headshots or gibs, your booms arc like rainbows with pots of “gold” at the end, your longshots hit their marks, your torque arrows explode (think about that one), and your grenades bounce true!  See you online! And don’t forget that you can drop links here to your awesome highlights; don’t be shy!

EDIT: Private rooms hold 10 (4×2 +2 spectators). First come, first served. Streamers greatly appreciated for those who can’t be part of the 10. Also, if needed, people willing to jump out to let others in, is greatly appreciated but on a volunteer basis only.

Boxes 2v2 Gnasher Gameplay

August 23, 2015

RoBBins had asked about this map/game mode before. Also, I just want to highlight that the veterans are going to be coming out, and we can expect matchmade/random games to feature a lot of the “wall bounce” type gameplay. I don’t have the reflexes to become competitive in that kind of Gears, so I am thinking that even with the exploits and bugs fixed, matchmaking is going to be a harsh environment. Cornie is looking forward to pushing his ambulation gameplay to the limit, like he did with Titanfall. Release is just a little over 24 hours now. P.S. This particular map will be hilarious if put into our 4v4, execution FF ON rotation. Looking into my crystal ball, I see Zoso getting 7 kills every round. LMAO!

Herandar!! It’s You!!

August 21, 2015

This may be my favorite PvZ:GW clip of all time.  Late last night, Cornie and I were playing, trying out some new classes.  And wouldn’t you know it, Herandar jumps into our room.  I couldn’t go mic because Chiiko was sleeping in the other room, so we just played in the same room silently.  Herandar was kickin’ ass and often beating me to second place on the team, and at one point, I finally decided that even if I can’t party up, I can at least  greet him properly.  The rest is as you see it in the vid.

P.S.  While we lost that garden (undoubtedly my little stunt was partly to blame), we shut ’em, shut ’em down one or two later!

MS: Press Play

August 18, 2015

Microsoft’s Press Play Studios want us to help them decide which one of three concepts (Karoo, Dwarka, and Knoxville) we want them to develop. The one with the most votes will be given the green light to move ahead. Each concept is cool and with interesting art design. My opinion is that Knoxville is the most innovative with the Hunger Games/Dayz/Rust vib, and is what I voted for. Dwarka takes a close second, because it looks fun. Check it out and if you vote tell me what you chose (vote here).

Karoo and Dwarka videos embedded after the jump.
Read more…

GoW:UE Regeared For A New Generation

August 17, 2015

Microsoft slipped up.  They made a promotional video by editing clips from the beautifully redone cutscenes of Gears of War:Ultimate Edition, putting them to the Gary Jules song and then called it the Mad World Launch Trailer.  It is unfortunate because the original Mad World trailer was a mini-movie and was unprecedented in advertising in the gaming industry.  When I first saw the title of this new trailer, I was thrilled to think that the original had been revamped.  It starts out the same, but then just turns into a montage of various cutscene footage we have already seen.  Very beautiful, but so off the mark of what should be.  It is such a squandered opportunity, that I can’t help thinking The Coalition must still have the redone mini-movie waiting in the wings.  Anyway, the song is good, and the clips are pretty.  So that can be enjoyed.  Just don’t watch it thinking you are going to see that iconic trailer redone for the One.

By my calculations, the Coalition still has three videos left in their remastering series.  Look for them in this thread when they are released.


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