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Let's Game!

Omar: I'll do what I can to help y'all. But, the game's out there, and it's play or get played. That simple.

Dennis 'Cutty' Wise: The game done changed...
Slim Charles: Game's the same, just got more fierce.

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April 26, 2017

I am Gandalf standing at the bridge of Khazad-dum, “Thou shalt not pass!”


The OT: Battlegrounds And Horror Gaming

April 22, 2017

Learning to Love the Masochism of ‘Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

I don’t know about the efficacy of the pistols, but the deflection of the shotgun blast by a frying pan is more reasonable than the bullsh!t you get in Gears!

And the launch trailers for Friday the 13th and Dead By Daylight.

Ok, you and Tom go into the house and get the backpack. Sally and I will go into the dark barn and grab the battery. We’ll meet back at the car.

The OT: The Last Jedi

April 14, 2017

My reaction to this trailer was interesting. I wasn’t excited about the movie, though they can never go wrong with Jedi training scenes (unless it is to tell you that you need a blood test to get a midichlorian count). What gave me a little thrill was the fact that Star Wars fans are finally getting a regular flow of movies set in their favorite universe. That is one of several benefits to the Disney acquisition, I am sure. Still haven’t seen Rogue One yet. Will do so at some point. And I am reminded that I need to catch up on the most excellent, Star Wars Rebels, which I would not be ashamed to own.

NBA Playoffs start this weekend. Have the free League pass trial. Depending on what kind of effort the Clippers and Warriors put up, I might even buy the pass again this year.

And this is good marketing!

UPDATE: There’s more. A long interview with Tim Schafer, for those interested.

The OT: Scorpio

April 5, 2017


Digital Foundry Interview (and tons of links in the comments, thanks, Zos!)

He loves German beer!

@digitalfoundry will have an exclusive Xbox Scorpio reveal on @eurogamer this Thursday at 2pm UK / 6am Pacific.

Thanks for the heads-up, Zos.


The OT: Steve Ballmer, Netflix

March 31, 2017

I came across a fantastic interview of Steve Ballmer on the Bill Simmons podcast (March 29, Episode 189 – iTunes/YouTube/SoundCloud). He talks about all aspects of owning an NBA team and it should be quite interesting to any sports fan. His voice is a little hard to listen to at first, but hang in there. What he has to say is compelling enough that you forget quickly about it.

I just finished viewing all available episodes of Peaky Blinders. Really well-written and performed, but Season 3 is definitely not feel good, pretty hard stuff. So many of the shows nowadays remind me of Zak Penn and Adam Leff’s Last Action Hero. How much pain and suffering can you possibly put a person through, even if he is just fictional?

Season 3 for Better Call Saul will begin airing on April 10th, coming to Netflix on the 11th (one episode per week, I believe). Netflix is so busy pimping lesser content that they have forgotten to let viewers know that it is fast approaching.

The other day we were talking about Dave Chappelle and if someone had just said he is the guy who goes on about “taking it to the next level” in You’ve Got Mail, I would have placed him immediately. Having never seen anything else that he has done, when his name was mentioned, Conan O’Brien, Jon Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel were the faces that were going through my head. His comedy act was bang on. I’ve heard all about Kevin Hart and recognize him instantly, but thought Mr. Chappelle was “white”. I’m not proud of the fact, but it does kind of prove the point he was making. I wouldn’t have recognized him if he sat at my dinner table. Ah, but if I closed my eyes, I might have placed his voice. His sage dating advice has been used over and over when discussing that topic with the boys. Also, his Netflix Special Episode 1 was very well-written, and he explained the Bill Cosby philanthropist/rapist dilemma in such a way that it must have been therapeutic to many.

I am also watching Billions, an episode at a time. It is compelling in a Dangerous Liaisons kind of way (i.e., satisfying the vices is virtuous).

As my better half (and I don’t type that casually) is literally on vacation, I have more time to watch these days. I will attempt to judge Iron Fist for myself. Not having read the comics and thus having zero expectations, I don’t mind that the show might be more drama than action. Hopefully, that drama is more cerebral than stupid. UPDATE: I am half way through the second episode. I had to rewind on numerous occasions because I have fallen asleep more times than I can count. If this were Daredevil, I would have watched the whole season already. The show desperately needed different sound/music, much, much tighter writing, and better directing/editing. Only 60 minutes into the series and they have shown his mother blown out the plane 3? 4? times already. Seriously? It is like they are trying to spread two hours of story over 13 episodes. Completely avoidable, utterly epic fail.

The OT: Drop Shot

March 23, 2017

First, some small items. LaVar Ball actually has me liking LeBron. Russel Westbrook is playing out of his mind, but I am not even sure that he should be the one getting the MVP anymore. Hang Time podcast brought up some interesting points on that matter, and really, it all depends on what that MVP title means (MVP to one’s team? to the league? to the game?).

Congrats to BaseballFanEd and The Blankman as their team won the real “World” Series, and did so in decisive fashion. Eight runs makes for a lot of left turning, though admittedly, not nearly as many left turns as you will see at any Nascar event. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Seriously though, I rewatched Moneyball last weekend, showing it to Chiiko for the first time, and it made me wish that rED would post about baseball so that I had a guide to get me into the game. I am all ears and eyes. I will read and listen patiently, and ask a lot of easy questions, if you want to share the joy of the sport.

In other gaming news, Astroneer developer System Era has finally asked gamers what needs to be done to make the controller a better UI for the game.

Aside from the most important issue of offering inverted controls, there are really a lot of other areas they could make the controller work better with the game, including offering a toggle for the stick “acceleration”. Give ’em your feedback. Astroneer is an amazing game with incredible, creative, 4 player fun just waiting to be had. It is a blank canvas on a planetary scale, and the sculptor’s tool is a mini-game all in itself. Beaming it and watching as the fifth wheel, will even be enjoyable.

And speaking of controls, the new “patch”, as Psyonix most humbly calls it, is probably their most significant update to Rocket League since it launched. The number of fixes to every aspect of the game is unknown as not all the changes are listed. (It could be in the millions.) The most significant fix is the addition of the one-click air roll function (RB for Cornie and I). Over a year since launch, this option finally evens the playing field between us and the Master Race PC users. All that is left now is the framerate differences, and the Scorpio will take care of that.

So that leads to the biggest news: Drop Shot. I have only played a few rounds, but there are intelligent “rules” and subtleties that the promotional video didn’t make obvious. For one, the ball will only do harm to the orange side, for example, if it was last “activated” by a blue touch. Second, boost quickly replenishes to keep you fly-ready but the cars can drive over the tile-less areas even without being airborne. Third, the floor resets on the side that was scored against, increasing the chances for a close game. Fourth, it truly is an excellent representation of the game of volleyball. You literally want to smash the ball onto the floor of the enemy side, but want to make amazing “bump” saves off the floor on your own. “Damage” points are awarded when you light up or take out a tile of the enemy floor. I haven’t played enough to see any exploitable areas, but at first glance, this appears to be, by far, the most intelligent, replayable game mode yet. If there aren’t some weird exploits, or problems with the rules, this could (and should) be a competitive mode. It blows “Hoops”, “Hockey”, and “Rumble” out of the water. There is one problem, however. This mode is probably easier to grief in than any mode, or any game for that matter, that I have played, ever. Want your team to lose, just keep hittin’ the ball back to your own side. Fully one half of the arena is a friendly-fire headshot. Bwahahahaha!

I have embedded a goal I got, not because it was amazing play, but to show some of the mechanics/rules of the game mode.

Finally, I am sure you noticed the title change for this post. It is not the “Weekly” OT. Missing three weeks kind of makes the title misleading at best, and so as of today, I am discontinuing that series. If someone else wants to pick up the mantle, go ahead. From now on, I will just be calling them “The OT: aaaa”, using the subtitle as a descriptor of the most significant content (for me) of the post. Cheers!

The Weekly OT #44

March 9, 2017

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