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Omar: I'll do what I can to help y'all. But, the game's out there, and it's play or get played. That simple.

Dennis 'Cutty' Wise: The game done changed...
Slim Charles: Game's the same, just got more fierce.

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The OT: Drop Shot

March 23, 2017

First, some small items. LaVar Ball actually has me liking LeBron. Russel Westbrook is playing out of his mind, but I am not even sure that he should be the one getting the MVP anymore. Hang Time podcast brought up some interesting points on that matter, and really, it all depends on what that MVP title means (MVP to one’s team? to the league? to the game?).

Congrats to BaseballFanEd and The Blankman as their team won the real “World” Series, and did so in decisive fashion. Eight runs makes for a lot of left turning, though admittedly, not nearly as many left turns as you will see at any Nascar event. 😉 Seriously though, I rewatched Moneyball last weekend, showing it to Chiiko for the first time, and it made me wish that rED would post about baseball so that I had a guide to get me into the game. I am all ears and eyes. I will read and listen patiently, and ask a lot of easy questions, if you want to share the joy of the sport.

In other gaming news, Astroneer developer System Era has finally asked gamers what needs to be done to make the controller a better UI for the game.

Aside from the most important issue of offering inverted controls, there are really a lot of other areas they could make the controller work better with the game, including offering a toggle for the stick “acceleration”. Give ’em your feedback. Astroneer is an amazing game with incredible, creative, 4 player fun just waiting to be had. It is a blank canvas on a planetary scale, and the sculptor’s tool is a mini-game all in itself. Beaming it and watching as the fifth wheel, will even be enjoyable.

And speaking of controls, the new “patch”, as Psyonix most humbly calls it, is probably their most significant update to Rocket League since it launched. The number of fixes to every aspect of the game is unknown as not all the changes are listed. (It could be in the millions.) The most significant fix is the addition of the one-click air roll function (RB for Cornie and I). Over a year since launch, this option finally evens the playing field between us and the Master Race PC users. All that is left now is the framerate differences, and the Scorpio will take care of that.

So that leads to the biggest news: Drop Shot. I have only played a few rounds, but there are intelligent “rules” and subtleties that the promotional video didn’t make obvious. For one, the ball will only do harm to the orange side, for example, if it was last “activated” by a blue touch. Second, boost quickly replenishes to keep you fly-ready but the cars can drive over the tile-less areas even without being airborne. Third, the floor resets on the side that was scored against, increasing the chances for a close game. Fourth, it truly is an excellent representation of the game of volleyball. You literally want to smash the ball onto the floor of the enemy side, but want to make amazing “bump” saves off the floor on your own. “Damage” points are awarded when you light up or take out a tile of the enemy floor. I haven’t played enough to see any exploitable areas, but at first glance, this appears to be, by far, the most intelligent, replayable game mode yet. If there aren’t some weird exploits, or problems with the rules, this could (and should) be a competitive mode. It blows “Hoops”, “Hockey”, and “Rumble” out of the water. There is one problem, however. This mode is probably easier to grief in than any mode, or any game for that matter, that I have played, ever. Want your team to lose, just keep hittin’ the ball back to your own side. Fully one half of the arena is a friendly-fire headshot. Bwahahahaha!

I have embedded a goal I got, not because it was amazing play, but to show some of the mechanics/rules of the game mode.

Finally, I am sure you noticed the title change for this post. It is not the “Weekly” OT. Missing three weeks kind of makes the title misleading at best, and so as of today, I am discontinuing that series. If someone else wants to pick up the mantle, go ahead. From now on, I will just be calling them “The OT: aaaa”, using the subtitle as a descriptor of the most significant content (for me) of the post. Cheers!

The Weekly OT #44

March 9, 2017

The Weekly OT #43

March 3, 2017

Like Peter Moore, who left EA for football in England, Phil Spencer is just instantly and continuously credible in my eyes (and ears). Zos linked to it earlier this week, but I didn’t get to it until last night. I very much enjoyed all of it. Second, ID@Xbox is has some incredible games in the pipe.

And for something completely different, I have been listening to a podcast called “Casefile“, true crime stories read by an Australian, and Episode 44 “Peter Falconio” is especially interesting.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

The Weekly OT#42: Beam

February 26, 2017


Beam gets it’s own Weekly OT.  3rdGN got the Preview update tonight and was excited to try it out. From the computer upstairs, I watched him play RL on his Xbox downstairs, almost real time. At this point, the content/users is very limited, but the quality and near-simultaneous broadcast of the video stream makes it a very sexy alternative to Twitch.  It has the added benefit of working while appearing offline, if that kind of closeted exhibitionism is appealing. Beam is part of the Xbox OS, so the “app” is very slick, responsive, and single-click easy. Twitch will have to either up their game, or be beat at it shortly after it goes to all Xbox users (with automatic user account creation/addition). The difference really is that disparate. Beam Twitter.

The Weekly OT #41

February 24, 2017

I am assuming the Ultimate Edition of Evolve has all the Monsters/Hunters.  Great lineup!



And while I can respect the quality of the game, I cannot give it the DICE award over so many other games.  Really, awards and honors don’t mean a thing anymore, in any field.

The Weekly OT #40

February 16, 2017



Posting early in anticipation of a busy weekend.

An additional 2000 invites went out for Sea of Thieves this weekend – two sessions on Saturday: 11am-2pm PST, and 7-10pm PST. I am going to try for the early one because I won’t even be home until the second session is almost finished. 😦 More details on the Alpha as they become available. Let us know if you got in.


Stand Alone: Sea of Thieves Art

February 14, 2017


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