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Let's Game!

Omar: I'll do what I can to help y'all. But, the game's out there, and it's play or get played. That simple.

Dennis 'Cutty' Wise: The game done changed...

Slim Charles: Game's the same, just got more fierce.
The FOD Scheduler, Timezones, and Live Status

The NVidia Shield Gaming Tablet

July 23, 2014

Getting and using the Kindle Fire HD (8.9) has been a wonderful learning experience.  It is a great little tablet, but extremely limited in what it can do, especially as regards software.  The Kindle store provides probably less than 0.01 percent of the applications available to regular flavor Android users.  It is intensely frustrating.  If, in the next two years, I have the cash to buy another computer, this will be a solid candidate. I have bolded the text of the features I find particularly enticing.

Hit the jump for the specs.

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PvZ:GW – Stranded Review

July 21, 2014

A number of us have been having a riot playing Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. The above video shows Cornie, and other Stranded if you look closely, going on a defensive tear halting the enemy’s push to deliver the Golf Ball bomb. In the end, the enemy was stopped just inches from the finish line (cropped for brevity’s sake). Having played both sides of the objective, I am amazed at how many times the bomb gets stopped just before the finish line. It is incredible game design, actually: a meter longer and no team would make it, a meter shorter and they would make it all the time.

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Word Crimes: You Should Hire Some Cunning Linguist

July 18, 2014

Most of this one just had me nodding in agreement, but that one line had me laughing out loud in the library! (LOLITL)

I love Weird Al.

And hit the jump for “Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me” Bwahahahaha!
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Pinball FX2 Coming To The One!

July 16, 2014

Under the heading “Next Gen“, the good news is that Pinball FX2 is coming to Xbox One July 31st. The bad news is that Microsoft has apparently made it impossible to bring over any data/privileges at all from the 360. I don’t care about the ‘chevos, or even my intimidating high scores, :D but I do wish I had access to a couple of my favorite tables like Earth Defense, Secrets of the Deep, and World War Hulk without having to rebuy them. Fortunately, there are still some packs that I haven’t purchased, and some sweet titles for release in the very near future. Also, aside from the principle behind it, what is 3 bucks for literally tens (if not hundreds) of hours of gaming?

One of the first tables I will buy is The Walking Dead.

Hit the jump for the faq from their forums.

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July 14, 2014

Even amongst so many movie posts lately, this gets its own post because Kenai actually knows this fellow.

The Onion + Facebook = Comedy Gold

July 13, 2014

Lifepoint! The funniest part of this is that it is totally in the realm of possibility.

and watch this one, too.

It’s Saturday Morning!

July 11, 2014

It's Saturday2

I’m riding the desk for the first two periods. What’s up for you guys? (Could I possible ask that question more “white” than that? LOL)

I know that Zos and Steph are busy with Ethan. So busy, in fact, that they still haven’t made good on their promise to give this facebook-boycotting blogger some pics! (Hence Ultraman on the right.) Knowing that they are both off work for a month or more, assures me that they are enjoying this first month, rather than being absolutely run ragged like most new parents.

Kenai probably continues to make mad money for his company and spend his time (and bonuses) with the trees, ponds, dogs, and family…and a few chilled brewskis, “Living the life” as the say.

Kenny can be counted on to be sitting shirtless on his leather upholstered sofa, drink and snacks on the coffee table, ordering his Xbox around – it is the submissive “wife” for the 21st Century man – while his most lovely and real wife and daughter talk and laugh quietly in the background, turning every aspect of his life, including endless hours of video gaming, from black and white into full technicolor.

And rED and Grymm, who could be spending their evenings with the fairer sex, choose instead to bond on the “ice and turf” with virtual pucks, and ahem, sticks and balls. I love you guys! Let it never be that I have to send you a deck of “Whipped!“.

Herandar is almost certainly overachieving on the Battlefields. And by overachieving I mean that I always considered him to be a gamer of comparable skills, yet he kicks butt in that game. I die. Then, after I respawn, I die again. I am in an abusive relationship, really. Those stats you see, that’s because I fell down the stairs, I walked into the door, I tripped on the curb. Actually, I mean that literally. I couldn’t get through the ….king door! I pushed the back button to spot the enemy and I pulled up the battlelog again! I pushed “B” to melee and dropped a ‘nade at my feet, pin out. I got shot from a guy I never saw until the death cam showed him running around in orange, which is apparently the new black. Then, I watch Johann and I think, “I wanna be like Mike”.

How about the rest of you lurkers? I see you so seldom these days, I honestly can’t imagine what you are up to.

So, I started playing Guacamelee last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. I fear, however, that button mashing will only get me so far. If that is the case, rather than spend a lot of time trying to learn the moves to make combos, I think I would like to go back and finish another great game, Shadow Complex. Hmm… By the way, I sat beside Cornie yesterday watching him play Guacamelee on Hard (see the “make combos” link), with almost no health, and I found that watching him press the buttons was almost as fun as watching the screen. It made me think that it would be cool to focus the Kinect camera on his hands for the picture in picture.

So, it is Guacamelee, Shadow Complex, or watch more of The Blacklist, another one of those guilty pleasures. I can recommend it to no one. I always really disliked James Spader because he is so creepy, but there can be no doubt that he is the reason I am enjoying the show. He was born to play a psychopathic, ex-government agent with a “Blacklist” of undesirables he wants dead. He has a very particular set of attitudes, knowledge, and skills.

Also, there are movies to watch, or at least, there will be movies to watch.

David Linklater (of the Before Sunrise series) directs. His movies aren’t “feel good”. In fact, they are more like feel angst, regret, lost opportunities, and intense loneliness, BUT, they are well done and accurately represent certain aspects of the human condition.


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