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Let's Game!

Omar: I'll do what I can to help y'all. But, the game's out there, and it's play or get played. That simple.

Dennis 'Cutty' Wise: The game done changed...

Slim Charles: Game's the same, just got more fierce.
The FOD Scheduler, Timezones, and Live Status

Forget March Madness,

April 22, 2014

The Clippers are playing out of their minds!  I love that team!  (Check out 0:34 BABY!)  If I had one, I would totally be rockin’ a Griffin jersey right now.  NBATV has the staff hummin’ the Globe Trotter’s theme as they show the highlights.  So. Much. Fun.  The problem with March Madness is that, good as the BB may be, it is just a bunch of “randoms” as every couple of years the rosters change completely.  Don’t have a chance to get to know the players.  ;)  Anyway, any sport played well can be very enjoyable.

Evolve info from PAX East

April 14, 2014

imageFor those of us that were anticipating a slew of new information about our next big game purchase, Evolve, there wasn’t much to glean. Outside of the twenty foot Goliath statue that was in front of the Evolve booth, the only new info was the redesign of the monster’s skillpoint system. Turtle Rock Studios had originally implemented set skills as the monster evolved. The PAX build now allows people playing as the monster to place skill points as they desire during its evolutionary stages. Therefore, each monster that you encounter is different and reflective of the player’s play style. Goliath has four abilities: rock throw, fire breath, leap smash, and dash charge. From the very start, the player is given three points to assign as they choose fit. Many who had a chance to demo the game realized that monsters that didn’t balance out offense and defense met death quickly. Those monster players that placed all of their skill points into ranged combat were vulnerable to the four hunters as they figured that CQC was the way to go.

The only level that was playable at the event was the same jungle level that was made available to game journalists back in February’s reveal. In addition, the Goliath and four default Hunters were the only playable characters. That was disappointing for those who have followed this game closely. Evolve is on track for its September release, but the PAX event didn’t offer us anything new & exciting to talk about. Although E3 is several months away, TRS must be saving those reveals until then.

Titanfall DLC Incoming in May

April 12, 2014

imageThe first offering of DLC for Titanfall has just been announced at Saturday’s PAX East. It is titled “Titanfall Expedition” and will include three maps: Swampland, Runoff, and War Games. Swampland will have trees and vines acting as ziplines strewn across the map while Runoff will utilize pipes and a lot of water, respectively. War Games will be based on the training simulator at the beginning of the game proper. Apparently, War Games has a Tron-like flavor to the map.  The new maps will not be implemented into any “campaign,” but will have additional set-pieces to add background to the TF universe. The DLC is slated for a May release and will be priced at $10 or $25 for the Season Pass (three DLC offerings at a savings of $5). So, are we planning on picking this up as a community?

There will also be “free content” as well according to EA. The ability to customize decals onto your Titans and a spectator mode will be implemented. You’ve been forewarned about the bevy of immature insignias that will no doubt be created by the TF community. Additional Burn cards have also been promised. Since all game modes are part of the free content according to an earlier promise by Vince Zampella, the 2 vs. 2 mode of ‘Wingman LTS’ (Last Titan Standing) will be included. That last part is a huge “meh” (cue yawn). What is this, Epic Games’ Gears of War: Judgment modes?!? You’d think that Respawn would be more original. Sheesh.

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda: A Cost-Benefit Look At The Kinect

April 10, 2014

Coulda Woulda ShouldaY’all have owned your Xbox for 5 months now. I have just finally gotten mine and I find myself needing to catch up on some of the raging that must have been a big part of your early adopters’ experience. So, this starts as a rant, yet bear with me, because this opinion piece is short, to the point, and ends on a positive note.

Benefits of Kinect: “Xbox – Record That”, Kinect Sports Rivals.

Cost of Kinect: at least $100 to consumer and/or more/faster RAM and/or Graphical power and/or an SSD and/or dedicated processors for the non-game apps and/or development resources put into improving the 360 OS rather than re-writing everything and putting us backward rather than forward in user experience.

Of course, I would rather have any combination of the items in the Cost list rather than the “Benefits” but You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

The good news is that “if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need”. It was comforting and reassuring to go back and check my Ranker’s List and discover that the One, with all its bullshit, still meets my top four criterion: 1 Machine My Friends Are Playing On, 2 Game Independent Voice Chat Supporting 8+ People, 3 Exclusives (Making Console’s Library Unique), and 4 Controller.

Microsoft is playing up their presentation for E3 this year, telling us that it will be filled with awesome exclusives. This is cool and I am hopeful. I guess my biggest concern is The Division. If that game ships with an equal or near equal experience on the One as on the PS4, then I will be a happy customer for the rest of this high-cost, high-maintenance, broke-ass generation. If, on the other hand, the PS4 receives an objectively better version of The Division… well, I will wait and see what happens before I start rattling my sabre.

HBO’s Silicon Valley

April 3, 2014

NBC has Freaks and Geeks, AMC has Breaking Bad, and Netflix has House of Cards, after that, HBO has pretty much everything else that is worth watching and recommending. (They really need to lower their subscriber fees so they can make more money and bring their fare to the general public.) Game of Thrones Season Four starts in two days and I would episodically blog about it in an instant if there were actually some followers here. ;) And just today, I discovered that HBO has a new series, also premiering on Sunday, called Silicon Valley. It looks like it could be good, if not a little cliche, but USA Today gives it 4/4.

Martin Starr from Freaks and Geeks, Superbad, and most recently the irreverent and hilarious-in-a Pineapple Express kind-of-way, This Is The End, is probably my favorite non-cool actor.

The Division News Update

March 28, 2014

There is a bunch of new content over at the official The Division blog: The February Q&A, the March Community Wrap-up, and the GDC 2014 Interview. Also, from the February Community Wrap-up, there is news of a live action film. Now that is the kind of cosplay I can get excited about (sorry, I can’t upload any photos from here – it is definitely worth checking out though). It looks like we aren’t the only ones who found the E3 presentation inspiring.

March 19, 2014

More snow drop. I love this engine!


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